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Wednesday 16 January, 2002

Site updates by LucasGreve
Its been a long time so here are a few updates. First is the download section is has been updated with the latest downloads and old ones are no longer on the page. Next a task manager has been setup for MediaXW so you can see how everything is progressing to get to it just use the progress link on the left or you can reach it on the sf page.

Friday 11-16-01 November, 2001

New design implemented by LucasGreve
Finally the new design is up if theres any problems just post in the message boards but i dont think there are any. You can go to it here

Friday 26th October, 2001

:) we got 20,000 hits on our counter now and i have a preview of the new design up and ready to be looked at. Im still tinkering with it but its about final. Post any comments in our message boards


Tuesday 23th October, 2001

Sorry for the lack of updates theres just really no new news but I have the new layout just about done i just have to setup some of the more advanced things i'll have a preview up in a few days. This lowband website will still be up for users with slow connections just the first time you come to the new website you'll have to choose which website you want as the defalt site.

Friday 12th October, 2001

New Design Coming Soon by LucasGreve
I'm hard at work at a new design it uses flash and is geared to broadband users so look for news about that coming up soon. Also check for updates on our sourceforce page (you'll get the news there first until i get it on the site news)