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0.0.6 Install Guide

3.Setup Types
4.Custom Install
5.Ready to Install
7. Finished

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0.0.6 Install Guide

1. Welcome

This is the Install Program for MediaXW just click next to continue

2. License

This is the License information for MediaXW you might want to read through it to see what you can do with Media XW.

3. Setup Types

Here is the Installation Menu choose the one that you want. If you want everything from MediaXW do a complete install (it doesn't take up much space) or if you only want a few components choose custom.Skip to 5 if you are not doing a custom install.

4.Custom Install

This is the custom installation menu it lets you choose exactly what you want and where you want it installed. To choose the components you want installed click on the disk (or X) icon next to the component then choose if you want it installed or not. The box on the right gives some helpful information on what you are installing like a description. The disk usage button gives information on how much space the installation will take up how much space you have now and how much you will have afterwards. When you are ready to install press continue.

5.Ready to Install

If you are ready to install then choose install if you want to make any changes to the installation press back.


Just sit back and relax as MediaXW installs and sets up itself this doesn't take very long.


MediaXW has finished installing and is ready to use. Enjoy!