Adding new media formats to windows
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0.0.6 Readme

About this file:

This is the read me file for the MediaXW Main package, which is part of the MediaXW project.
You can find the project home page at

For more information about licensing, see the online documentation at the project site or
open the help file MediaXW.chm, which you should find in the instalaltion folder.


Just must have the Microsoft Installer Service installed on your computer. If you don't have it,
then download an update here:

For Windows 9x, Me (Updates to MSI 1.2):

For Windows NT, 2K (Updates to MSI 1.1):

You can find out, whether you have the installer service or not by simply doubleclicking the
.msi file. If it installs, then you have it. Otherwise you need one of the updates above.

The package also contains a HTML help file, which requires Microsoft Internet Explorer installed.
However, it contains only license texts and the change log, so this is not vital to the operation
of the components. If you can't read the help file you probably have to update your HTML Help
engine, which you can download here: